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  • Jousting Tournament

    In a unique style of tournament known as a “Passage of Arms”, see challengers face off against the esteemed knights of the “Order of the Star” to prove themselves and see who will be crowned “Most Worthy”.

  • Birds of Prey

    Birds of prey were a symbol of status and a useful hunting tool in the Middle Ages. Take this opportunity to see our master falconer display his birds and educate you on their biology and historical use.

  • Trebuchet

    The Trebuchet is an impressive feat of science and engineering. See this machine of war being test fired to ensure it’s readiness for battle.

  • Ancients Display

    See the skills, equipment and weapons used by Cavalrymen of the ancient period as they participate in a skill at arms obstacle course to hone their skills and show their prowess.

  • Viking Mass Battle

    Vikings were some of the greatest warriors of their time. See multiple reenactment groups of the period as they come together en masse and fight it out on the main arena.

  • Potion Making

    Our Alchemist has a few concoctions that they need your help with! For $20, join their class for an interactive experience not to be missed. Bookings essential!

  • Face Painting

    Come and visit our talented painters and transform yourself into your favourite character or creature! Only $10, Located at the Mt Inn.

  • Spell Casting

    Have you ever wondered what kind of magic lies within you? Wonder no more, for if you visit our spell caster in the Wizard’s Tower they will teach you how to cast your own spell that will tell you which Wizard Guild you belong to!

  • Archery

    Have you or your child ever dreamt of becoming the next Robin Hood? Well now is the time to turn that dream into a reality at the Kryal Castle Archery Range – a dedicated space to learn the ancient art of archery, hone your skills and test your accuracy against our targets.

    With tickets starting as low as $5 for 5 arrows, the archery experience includes a brief lesson with one of our resident archers, hire of a Kryal Castle bow and of course access to the hay bale archery targets that will let you aim for that elusive bullseye!

  • Axe Throwing

    The thrill of an axe flying through the air is a joy not often felt in this modern world. However, at Kryal Castle, when you step onto our Axe Throwing Range you are afforded the chance to step back in time and hone your skills with a wide array of throwing axes! Designed to be enjoyed by all ages, with smaller and lighter axes for children (Height restrictions apply), the Axe Throwing Range is a safe and enjoyable way to test your accuracy on our hand-made wooden targets as you are taught by our resident team of Knights!

  • Warrior Training

    There was no person more noble in medieval society than the mighty knight and there is no greater place to learn these abilities than Kryal Castle Knight School. Running daily, children and adults alike will practise the noble skills of knighthood under the tutelage of our Master-at-Arms. Equipped with a sword and shield, each class will be instructed on the techniques of sword fighting, battle tactics and the honour code that all knights must practise in order to guard the gates of Kryal Castle. All those who pass the test will be deemed worthy of the title of Knight of Kryal Castle – and it is an experience you simply cannot miss. Running on weekends. Max 5 participants per session.

  • A (Mis) Adventure

    Bringing 16th century clowning back for a giggle, meet Zanni, Columbina and the nasty Pantaloni, characters in a hilarious comedy of errors! Commedia Dell'arte was first performed in the mid 1500’s, and was the beginnings of pantomimes, clowning, improv, comedies, and even sitcoms! Just try not to laugh! Located in the Jester’s Theatre.

  • A Tale of No Importance

    Welcome back Zanni and Pantaloni, two traditional characters in the Commedia Dell'arte world in this joyful improvised comedy! We introduce the character Il Dottore, a jolly rich fellowe.