Medieval fun for the whole family!

Walk through the Reenactors Village and be enthralled by the Birds of Prey on the arena and watch our Knights joust in the thrilling jousting tournament. Enjoy delicious food, learn about Medieval life, view live performances, + much more!

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  • Birds Of Prey

    Join us on a journey through the pages of history as noble falconers and their majestic birds of prey take the stage. Witness breath-taking displays, where these magnificent birds demonstrate their agility and grace in the sky.

  • Reenactors Village

    Whether you're a history buff or simply seeking an unforgettable journey, the Victorian Medieval Festival's Reenactors Village is a mesmerising glimpse into the past that promises an unforgettable, immersive experience for all ages.

  • Trebuchet

    The Trebuchet at the Victorian Medieval Festival is a captivating blend of history, science, and sheer spectacle. It's a must-see attraction that will transport you back in time and leave you in awe of the ingenuity and might of the medieval world.

  • Jousting Tournament

    In a dazzling display of courage, skill, and chivalry, these modern-day champions rekindle the spirit of medieval tournaments. Feel the ground tremble beneath the thundering hooves and the exhilaration of the crowd as you cheer on your favourite knight.

  • Medieval Vendors

    Wander through the cobbled streets lined with charming stalls, where skilled artisans and merchants proudly showcase their exquisite creations. From intricate handcrafted jewellery and period costumes to finely forged weapons and intricate tapestries, every item tells a story of dedication and craftsmanship.

  • Skill at Arms

    The Skill at Arms showcase at the Victorian Medieval Festival promises a thrilling journey into the world of medieval warriors. Don't miss the chance to witness these extraordinary displays of skill, valor, and tradition that will leave you awestruck and inspired!

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Event Address

121 Forbes Road, Leigh Creek (Ballarat) Victori

Event Times

Event runs from 10am to 4pm, both days.


Parking Update: Great news, lords and ladies! Onsite parking is available until full. Once full, fear not, for we offer an onsite drop-off service and a FREE shuttle bus every 7 minutes from Dunnstown Oval. Our dedicated parking attendants will be ready from 9:00 AM. If you require disability parking, let them know for royal assistance.

Shuttle Bus

If you are coming from Melbourne Airport you can either use the shuttle service from Melbourne Airport to Ballarat (1.5 hour duration) ,and then catch an Uber or Taxi from Ballarat station to Kryal Castle (approx. 10-15min drive).


You can catch the train from Melbourne station to Ballarat station and then catch an Uber or Taxi from Ballarat station to Kryal Castle (approx. 10-15min drive).

Food & Drinks

Indulge in a delicious array of food and drinks available for purchase from various vendors and locations within the castle grounds. Feel free to bring your own packed lunch if you prefer.

Schedule and Map

Physical schedules/maps will be available for free onsite.